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About Us

The volunteers in the steering group for the Mabe Neighbourhood Development Plan work to represent the community of Mabe Parish under the umbrella of Mabe Parish Council.

We hope to devise a development plan which describes Mabe Parish today and how its residents would like it to develop in the future.
We need to know what you want to protect about Mabe and what you would like to improve.

The Plan needs your help. The residents, the villagers who live and work here.
Get in touch to see how you can get involved and increase our impact.
Contact or go to the comments page on this website

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Neighbourhood planning gives communities the opportunity to set the shared vision for their neighbourhood and to shape, rather than react to, building works in their local area.

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What are the benefits of developing a
Neighbourhood Development Plan?

Such a plan will set out what housing, commercial buildings & infrastructure the residents would like to see in their Parish in the future. It makes clear what land, features and characteristics within the Parish of Mabe we want to preserve so we can control and influence future development.

Colleagues Working Together

Who does all the work?

In simple terms, we the residents and community of Mabe! 

A Steering Group will be responsible for developing the overall NDP.

Members will be volunteers from the Parish Council, local businesses and anyone that lives here. 

Groups will focus on smaller areas within the whole plan – it could mean looking into traffic & transport, housing, tourism links, talking to local businesses, assessing community facilities & needs – really it is up to the parish as a whole to decide where to start and what to include. 

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