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The six week consultation starts on 15th January 2022

Any and all members of the Mabe Community are invited to attend an open consultation meeting on 15th January2022at the MYCP , Cunningham Park, from 12:00pm until 4:00pm where they can ask questions of the NDP Team and make comment on the draft plan be fore it goes through the inspection process.
Any relevant comment will be noted and where appropriate the draft policy will be amended accordingly.


The development questionnaire results can be viewed by clicking on the read more link in the bottom left corner of this section.

. Click this link to see the responses to our December 2020 to March 2021 Questionnaire


Additional questions were identified as requiring specific answers  to demonstrate a level of community support

The Questions and answers recorded in response can be seen by clicking the read more link bellow.

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Development Update - Mar 2020

Development covers many things but it defines how things advance and grow. If Mabe is to avoid stagnation, it too must develop and grow. The NDP will help to shape how Mabe evolves over the coming years and gives you an opportunity to input your view on how things can be improved and what direction that expansion should follow.

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