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Mabe Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan

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To develop a plan that sets out how the parish should evolve for the benefit of future generations.
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Empowering the Community

As a broad & wide ranging group from the Mabe Parish Community we will work together to draw up our Neighbourhood Development Plan and set out how the residents would like the parish to evolve for the benefit of future generations. 
How does the area look, how does it feel and most importantly how can its resources benefit the community.
The NDP will provide a roadmap to steer development of housing, industry and infrastructure towards the community vision.

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Community Service


To deliver a set of policies that represent the desires and aspirations of the
community as a whole.
To provide an opportunity for local residents to influence the future of Mabe

We work to ensure the community and local leaders have the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our campaigns as collective efforts and tools for connecting and building a stronger Community Movement.

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Housing & Community Facilities

To provide housing of the right type in the right place that meets local needs.
To plan for growth of the parish based on measurable and clearly defined criteria.
To ensure that any future growth in terms of housing is matched by appropriate infrastructure.

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Environment & Landscape

To maintain and safeguard the rural open space and our natural landscape.
To protect wildlife and prepare for an ever changing climate through better use of natural resources and the promotion of sustainable living.
To preserve a unique distinctiveness of the Parish for future generations.

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Community Identity & Heritage

To protect, enhance and grow the historic & business heritage of the parish.
To ensure future development is matched by appropriate educational and recreational facilities. 
To support development that ensures better and safer use of roadways and transport needs.

The Draft NDP has now received comment and recommendation from the inspector. The next step is for a community referendum, where you can vote to approve, or not, the adoption of the policy.
We will let you know the date and voting detail shortly.


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